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1 night - 2 achievements

We were bored after a VoA and decided to go take a whack at a couple Ulduar achievements. Flame Leviathan - 2 towers, check. First try. Kologarn - Rubble and Roll, first try, check. Great job in there guys!
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Xanijh downs VanCleef!

For our inaugural night, we raided Deadmines! VanCleef died in our speed run contest. I think Dol took it with 4:20 something, I ended up at a pathetic 4:53 because I'd forgotten where the stupid gun powder was, and Mayhem was good enough to recor...
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Welcome to Xanijh!

Welcome to Xanijh. It's pronouced "zan-eesh". No, it doesn't mean anything. No, it's not a word. No, you can't even google it. It's special. Unique. We're hoping to be as well.To learn more about the guild, please visit our forum.
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