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Bye for now!

Hey guys, school has crept up on me a bit and I'm going to have to take a break.I'm off the website but if you want to chat, check me out on Facebook through our Xanijh page.Hungrii/Emily
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YouTube Channel

so i started a youtube channel. granted it has nothing to do with the guild but it would be nice if someone watched my videos. let me know what you think.cbat
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Not sure how many of you folks will remember me, but I'm an old old Dignitas member and then Inquisition. I was just dickin around on WoW Progress today and was seeing who was still around on Arygos and it was cool to see that you guys are still ...
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I'm (kinda) back!

Hey all! As most of you may know, I basically retired from WoW with the start of Cataclysm after 6 years of good times. I just didn't have the mental fortitude or desire to learn about all the changes that go hand in hand with new expansions and j...
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Hey everyone! I put an application yesterday, and felt I should add a post to say hello. This one is serious, unlike the last one. If my RL situation changes, and I'm suspecting it might, I would very much like to raid regularly. Should that happ...
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Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest seeking new home

Hey guys, was just wondering if you had any interest in a Priest recruit at this time? I'm trying to finish up my guild hunt, as I've been browsing through guilds and speaking with officers for the past 7 days.. hoping to narrow down my choices th...
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Hello from the past...

Some of the members may remember me, I am hopeful that they will. We spent many nights together many moons ago. Traveled cross realms together. But that was in another guild. I see that many of them are now here. I submitted my app to join again. ...
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Hello Peeps

I placed an app a few days ago and wanted to stop by and say "Whats up?"Outside of the game, I have 2 dogs that are bundles of energy, enjoy lots of footaball both college and pros (am a diehard Patriots fan, dont hold it agianst me :) ), work a f...
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Long time no see. Thought I would drop by and say hi. Hope everyone is doing well. I has law degree and am taking the bar next month. Wish me luck! Thinking of fun times back in the day really makes me miss wow and you peeps.Good luck!komjo
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Just wanted to drop in to say hi. I am looking for a new home and to meet new people after taking a 2.5 year break from WoW. I stumbled across you guild and thought it sounded wonderful. An adult guild that knows there is a life outside of WoW :D ...
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Just wanted to drop a note to y'all to say hello and let you know we (Anetka and I) are thinking about you and hope all of you are going great. Am not re-applying since it's been so long since I've played that I would have NO idea what to do, but ...
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Greetings friends!Just wanted to post a note and let you all know that I have applied for a guild invite. Thanks for taking a look and I hope to hear from you guys soon. I play in the evenings, pretty latebecause of my time zone (mountain) but I w...
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Hey! Warrior dude

Hey, my name is john I play an arms/prot war on Arygos and I applied to your guild today. Just wanted to say whats up.
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Thank you all for the mount! I love it!
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Hello Xanijh!

Just popping in to say Hello!My names Dan I'm 30yrs old, I play as Echidna an assassination rouge on Arygos.I have applied to join the guild and I am very excited about getting to know you guys!Much love,Dan
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Priest race?

I used to be human priest earlier this year and I am looking for thoughts on which one I should transfer back to.Debating between human for spirit (and wide hips) and gnome for intell.Also in the back of my mind I really want to create a really ug...
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Hello Old Friends :)

Hey guys, I'm sure some of you remember me from many moons ago in Dignitas. Well, I recently returned to Arygos from beating my head against the wall for raid bosses.Well, I ran into Scorion last night in an ICC pug and have to say it was good t...
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What's the story of the 'lil bear?

all,Flying low over Dalaran, I spotted a little bear high up on a roof all by himself...I challenge you all... break out your pens, quills, laptops, or whatever... and scribe the story of the 'lil bear. What was he doing up there? Where is he from...
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New applicant - Tunacan

Hey guys,Earlier today I submitted an application to join your guild under the name Tunacan. Tonight, I went ahead and transferred my main and my alt to Arygos. Unfortunately, I had to change the name on both characters. My main is now Gildon - 80...
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